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A bit of TAP New York History....

TAP New York started in 1998 as the Hudson Valley Beer and Food Festival. It was originally hosted at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park in the Hudson Valley. After two years at the CIA, the event began to grow, and organizers realized the CIA did not have adequate space to support the festival's potential size. In 2000, the event was moved to Hunter Mountain, still titled the Hudson Valley Beer and Food Festival.

From the start, the HVBFF included a brewer competition. The Matthew Vassar Cup was awarded to the Best Craft Beer Brewery in the Hudson Valley, recognizing the best overall mix of beer styles.

In 2001, the scope of the event was extended to include the entire state of New York. Craft brewers from Long Island to Buffalo were invited, and the name TAP New York was born. Also in 2001, the first F.X. Matt Memorial Cup was awarded, awarded to the best Craft Beer Brewery in New York State.

In 2002, the event space was expanded to utilize nearly the entire upstairs of the Base Lodge. In 2004, the event again saw record attendance and occupied even more of the facilities at Hunter Mountain. Each consecutive year the event has drawn more and more attendees, brewers, and food concessions. With the addition of a tent in 2005 to expand the space, another attendance record was set. Each year brings more beer lovers, and for 2006 another large tent was added to provide ample space for everyone. In 2007, the event's 10th Anniversary, yet another large tent was added to accommodate 31 breweries. The food theme for 2007 was "Best of the Last Ten Years."

With the continued growth of TAP, additional tents were ordered for 2008, creating a larger "courtyard" setup spilling out slopeside of the Main Lodge. In 2009, we brought live entertainment to the event, which has been a big request over the years. 2010 called for more tents, and had more brewers than ever before, with 37 breweries in attendance. Attendance again increased in 2011, with still more tents and over 40 breweries pouring.

2012 was the largest by far (at the time), with another large tent and a bigger grounds footprint, utilizing more outdoor space and more indoor rooms. TAP 2012 also marks two milestones... over 50 breweries and over 200 individual tasting beers.

2013 set many new records for the event; with the opening of many new breweries and the growth of several others, we had the largest ever gathering of New York State brewers. TAP New York 2013 saw 61 breweries in attendance.

In 2014, with a staggering 34 new breweries either opened or under construction, craft brewing in New York has become much more than a cottage industry. Central New York continues to spawn more great breweries, but Long Island has become another hotbed of brewing.

2015 again saw a huge jump in the number of craft breweries. Over 120 breweries have been invited, and the festival footprint was expanded further. with more tents.

2016 was larger than ever, with another leap in breweries, particularly with "farm breweries" popping up all across the state.

For 2017, there were 30+ new breweries across the state. Over 170 breweries and brewpubs were invited, and 136 breweries were on hand pouring over 400 craft beers.

Listed below are the members of the TAP New York Committee, who work hard all year long to bring this event to fruition:

Two original members who created the Hudson Valley Beer and Food Festival, Inc.

  • Bill Woodring: President & Co-founder of Hudson Valley Beer & Food Festival, Inc., Fishkill, NY
  • Nat Collins: Co-founder, HVBFF, former Brewer/Owner Woodstock Brewing Co.
Plus members of Hunter Mountain staff who devote time year-round to TAP New York:

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