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Welcome to TAP New York!

Welcome to our 21st Annual TAP New York. When we started in 1998 at the Culinary Institute of America we were not sure where our desire to feature the best beer and the finest food, all in one setting, would lead. Well, with the help, encouragement and support of New York State brewers, our guest breweries, our partners at Hunter Mountain, and you beer lovers from New York and beyond, we are proudly the longest running beer and food festival in New York State, and the largest single-state beer event in the country.

We, the Hudson Valley Beer and Food Festival, are honored once again to present the best beers New York has to offer. We certainly appreciate your support and are thrilled to have you with us for another year. Some of you are joining us for the first time and it is important for you to know that we are not just about beer. We are a beer and food festival and each year we show some wonderful beer-friendly food.

TAP New York is a "one-of-a-kind" event and we like it that way. We were unique when we started and we are proud to be a unique festival today. But we are not the only game in town. TAP New York is just one of many beer festivals that occur throughout the state every year and we encourage you to seek out and support New York brewers everywhere. So, while you are here, visit all of our brewers, enjoy the great food and remember to register for the "All the Beer You Can Carry" drawing. Thank you for joining us for TAP New York.


Hudson Valley Beer & Food Festival, Inc. Committee,
Bill Woodring, President

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